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multimedia with CorelDRAW Syllabus

 2DCA3(A)- multimedia with CorelDRAW (elective-II) Syllabus -Semester-II Unit 1 graphics in multimedia, importance of graphics in multimedia, vector and raster graphics, Image capturing method scanner, digital camera etc. various attributes of images size, colour, bit depth,  resolution etc, various image file format RMP,DIB,PIC and TIFformat their feature and limitations. Unit 2 video and animation in… Read More »

Syllabus for Internet and E-Commerce Subject

2DCA2 – INTERNET AND E-COMMERCE Syllabus  UNIT-I Introduction to Internet – Internet Evolution, Word Wide Web (WWW), Advantages and Disadvantages, Internet Vs Intranet, the purpose and function of an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Connectivity – Dialup, Leased line, VSAT , URLs, Portals, Internet Services, Application, E-MAIL- Basics of Sending & Receiving, Free Email services, Protocols,… Read More »

Syllabus of IT Trends

Semester -II 2DCA1 IT Trends Syllabus Unit 1 multimedia definition and concept, need of multimedia, area of use, multimedia elements text, images, sound, animation and video, multimedia hardware and software requirements. making simple multimedia with PowerPoint application of multimedia in different industries education entertainment journalism etc. future of multimedia, career in Multimedia Production. Unit-2 text… Read More »

DTP Syllabus pdf download 2018 (Hindi/English)

DTP Syllabus 2018   2DCA3(B)- DTP Pagemaker and Photoshop elective II –Semester-II   Unit 1 Introduction to desktop publishing, introduction to desktop publishing( DTP), history,definition, need and area of application, difference between a word processor and  Publication software, use and importance of DTP in Publication and newspaper printing, where is DTP software’s, introduction to offset printing… Read More »

1DCA3(B)- database using MS Access Syllabus

1DCA3(B)- database using MS Access  Semester 1st (elective-1) Unit-1 introduction to database-what is the database, why use a  relational database concept of primary key relationship, introduction to MS Access (objects,navigation). Unit-2 create a table in MS Access- data types, field properties fields names, types properties-default values, format, caption, validation rules data entry, add a record,delete… Read More »

1DCA3(A)-Database using FoxPro syllabus

1DCA3(A)- Database using FoxPro :-Semester-1st (ELECTIVE-I) Unit-1 The RDBMS For PC, Concept of database ,FoxPro  features,Requirement of hardware and software for  requirement of hardware and software FoxPro menu system Working with FoxPro creating database file Some common Operations On data create, list, append, close, quit, FoxPro data types viewing and editing data, data displaying commands… Read More »

DCA Syllabus (Makhanlal University) New online Exam Pattern (Hindi/English) with Pdf Download

New online Exam Pattern & DCA Computer Course Syllabus July 2018 for MCU (Makhanlal University) : – DCA(Diploma in Computer Application)-1 Year  DCA Syllabus- I Semester  subject code Subject Name DCA Syllabus PDf Download Hindi/English link  1 DCA1 Computer fundamentals  Read below details Computer fundamentals syllabus pdf download 1DCA2  PC PACKAGES (WORD, EXCEL, POWER-POINT) Read below details… Read More »